Get a Furnace Tuneup Before Cold Weather Arrives

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Get a Furnace Tuneup Before Cold Weather Arrives

Have you been putting off your furnace tuneup? Don’t wait too long! Even if it’s warm now, fall comes quickly in Utah, and snow season is right around the corner. Before you crank up your thermostat and pull on your wooly socks, make sure y ...

Do’s and Don’ts of Unclogging a Drain

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Unclogging a drain

Unclogging a drain can be a challenge. It’s not as easy as pouring a jug of Liquid Plumr into the pipes and waiting for the magic to happen. Know the do’s and don’ts of unclogging a drain before you take on the challenge. You may be able to fix ...

When Should You Update Your Plumbing Fixtures?

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plumbing fixtures

If you don’t think your plumbing fixtures need to be replaced on a regular basis, think again. Your toilets, shower heads and faucets aren’t designed to last forever. The question is, how long can they last? Some of the signs that you need n ...

6 Ways to Save Water and Money 

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save water

Should you be trying harder to save water? Even though Salt Lake City residents have one of the lowest average water bills when compared to urban areas across the U.S., Utah is still the second-driest state and has the second-highest per capita wa ...

Drain Cleaning Helps Prevent Water Damage 

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Drain Cleaning - Water Damage

Drain cleaning rids your plumbing of all the built-up grease, minerals, food and any other substances inhibiting the flow of water out of your home. You could try to clear clogs on your own, or you could trust a professional — someone who has the ...

Can You Prevent Tree Roots from Causing Sewer Line Damage?

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Is sewer line damage one of your worst nightmares? Homeowners cringe at the thought of spending thousands to repair a sewer line that one of their beloved trees ruined, but it happens more often than you’d think. The good news is you can stay proac ...