Time To Think Heat?

02-Sep-2016 Comments admin

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We know, we know, the last thing many people want to think about is chilly weather, however the earlier we plan, the better! With fall only 3 weeks away, it’s important that we begin to look at some of the factors involved with our heating system a ...

Removing Humidity From Your Home

29-Aug-2016 Comments admin

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Humid air is healthy for a home, but too much can become uncomfortable. Many homeowners don’t realize how much or how little is actually in their home, and it can have a negative effect on their wellbeing, as well as things inside of their home. It ...

How Does Water Pressure Actually Work?

17-Aug-2016 Comments admin

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When you turn on the shower or open a faucet in your home, water flows out, and it’s got a bit of pressure behind it. But, why does this happen? What causes water pressure to ‘exist’, and how can we alter it to our benefit? Many people tend to ...

Saving Water This Summer

16-Aug-2016 Comments admin

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There are a ton of ways for you to cut down on costs before the weather begins to lean towards the chillier months. Many people tend to think they waste a good amount of water, and their bills reflect that. Without thinking, some homeowners waste mor ...

Toilet Issues and Fixes

11-Aug-2016 Comments admin

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Sometimes, the worst situations happen from a malfunctioning toilet. Picture this: You’re in the Rockies at a friends house, and end up backing up their toilet before a night on the town — although it’s one of those “One in a Million” t ...

Reducing Energy Usage To Save Money

04-Aug-2016 Comments admin

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Using a ton of energy at home isn’t favorable for a number of reasons — it can cost a ton of money, and it’s rather wasteful. With the advancements in technology, there have been great ways to reduce the amount of energy used in hom ...