Reducing Energy Usage To Save Money

04-Aug-2016 Comments admin

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Using a ton of energy at home isn’t favorable for a number of reasons — it can cost a ton of money, and it’s rather wasteful. With the advancements in technology, there have been great ways to reduce the amount of energy used in hom ...

Considering A Ductless System?

28-Jul-2016 Comments admin

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Your air conditioning unit is important in terms of functionality. When investing in something that’s responsible for the comfort of your home, you want to make the right choice the first time. In terms of saving money on energy, many people opt fo ...

Advantages of Central Cooling

26-Jul-2016 Comments admin

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Nobody likes the blistering heat — especially when you can’t escape it. During the summer, we’re undoubtedly doing anything we can in order to stay cool, without emptying our wallets. In your home especially, there are a few options to choo ...

Staying Cool and Keeping Your Pockets Full

20-Jul-2016 Comments admin

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This summer, think about the amount of energy you’re using when cooling your home. We’re all for staying comfortable, but it doesn’t necessarily mean digging into your wallet and forking over a ton of money to do so. With respect to your bills, ...

Common Plumbing Issues and Fixes

15-Jul-2016 Comments admin

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Your home should be important to you — especially the inner workings that can prove costly, should they break. It’s important as a homeowner to not overlook the little things which can result in big problems. Oftentimes, we neglect the common ...

Do I Need A New Bathroom?

12-Jul-2016 Comments admin

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With all of the time spent in our bathrooms, shouldn’t it be something we’re proud of? There’s nothing wrong with an outdated bathroom, but there are benefits to redoing yours. In addition to upgrading the fixtures, and increasing the value of ...