Toilet Issues and Fixes

Sometimes, the worst situations happen from a malfunctioning toilet. Picture this: You’re in the Rockies at a friends house, and end up backing up their toilet before a night on the town — although it’s one of those “One in a Million” type situations, there’s always a chance.

Luckily, this type of ordeal has happened for a lot of people, and there are easy ways around it, without causing a scene.

toilet fix

Hot Water

Some of the easiest things can be remedied with hot water. Whether there’s a backup in the toilet itself, or you’re just trying to free up the pipes, hot water should be your go-to choice at first. Simply boil some water, and then pour it down either the drain, or in the toilet. This is typically helpful for easier clogs where the culprit can be broken down and then pass through the pipe freely.

Your Toilet Won’t Refill

While there are a number of things happening that can lead to this problem, it’s usually one main culprit that leads to the issue. This type of dilemma occurs in the upper area of the toilet, and is associated with a worn toilet flap, or a broken fill valve. These issues will prevent the toilet from refilling, and leave it at somewhat of a standstill. While this issue is typically remedied at home with a wrench and a little time, sometimes it’s a better idea to just give your plumber a call for a seamless replacement experience.

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