Drain Repair

Importance of Professional Drain Repair

Drain issues are common. However, while clogged or leaky drain pipes may seem like a minor problem that can be easily fixed by a DIY-enthusiast like you, without the proper know-how, you might be doing more harm to your plumbing than good. As a seasoned plumber, we at 24 Hour Rooter Connectionz. have seen several drain pipes damaged as a result of DIY repairs. From harmful drain chemicals corroding the pipes to incorrect installation of p-traps and other drain connections, a simple drain issue can quickly become a more costly repair without the right expertise. That’s why the next time you encounter any drain issue, regardless of the size or scope, get in touch with a professional Salt Lake City drain repair expert from 24 Hour Rooter Connectionz. Our team is well-equipped and extensively trained to solve your drain problems in a timely, correct, and safe manner.

Many plumbing companies consider clogged drains as plumbing issues that can wait. However, we understand that a clogged kitchen sink or toilet can render your home useless, especially if you have guests over or you only have one bathroom. Our expert team is available day or night for any drain services that you need. We act fast and treat every drain issue with urgency.

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Draining System Problems You Don’t Want

There is a reason drains must work efficiently in order to pass any type of building inspection. You need them! In order to live and work safely, you can’t have blocked, leaking or broken drains.

One of the most odious side effects of poor drainage is what it can do to the inside of your home. Leakage can lead to moisture buildup behind walls. This can then cause mold to develop, which is a major health hazard and could compromise the structural integrity of the building.

If you have a drain leak near the home’s foundation, this can cause soil erosion, cracking and shifting of the foundation. These additional problems are much more expensive to fix, and that’s why prompt drain repair is always a good idea.

Common Causes of Drain Damage

Clogs or blockages are the most common reason why homeowners call for drain services. However, other issues such as leaky pipes, whether in the toilet or the p-trap in your kitchen sink, require immediate service from a professional plumber as well. At 24 Hour Rooter Connectionz, our expert team has practically seen every drain issue imaginable and cleaned and fixed thousands of drain lines in Salt Lake City. Allow us to repair yours, too!

Some of the most common culprits of clogged drains and backups include:

  • Foreign objects such as toys, jewelry, and other items
  • Hair buildup
  • Oils, greases, and fats that have congealed
  • Other bathroom products, such as cotton balls, paper towels, etc.

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