Salt Lake City, UT Thermostat Installation & Repair

Is Your Thermostat Malfunctioning? We Can Help!

There is something to be said about the convenience of a thermostat. With a properly working thermostat, we are able to see the exact temperature of our space and adjust the temperature as necessary. Your thermostat acts as a middleman between you and the home’s cooling and heating system, so having a properly operating thermostat is important.

At Connectionz, we can help install and repair thermostats in no time. Our thermostat installation and repair team works quickly and efficiently to help determine what is wrong with your thermostat and get it up and running with little interference to your life.

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How to Tell if Your Thermostat Is Broken

Just like other appliances in your home, having your thermostat regularly maintained can help ensure that there are no mishaps, especially when you need your thermostat to be working full-time. At Connectionz, our heating and cooling contractors can help you maintain and repair your thermostat should the unit break, and we can help install new thermostats, too.

We recommend calling our office if you notice that:

  • It takes a long time for your heating or cooling system to work when you turn on the thermostat
  • The temperature reading of thermostat continuously rises or falls
  • You click “on” and the HVAC system does not start
  • The thermostat is outdated

As your trusted comfort specialist, we also recommend upgrading your manual thermostat to programmable units so you can have more control over your indoor climate. Programmable thermostats and other advanced models allow you to adjust the temperature of your home or commercial place even when you’re away, making your HVAC more efficient and could mean potential savings down the road.

Let Us Help Find the Right Thermostat for Your Place

At Connectionz, we are proud to have experienced technicians with over 15 years of service in providing our customers with quality workmanship at affordable rates. When you call us for your thermostat installation in Salt Lake City, Sandy, or anywhere in Salt Lake County, we take the time to evaluate your property and your unique comfort needs thoroughly to determine the best thermostat for you. From programmable thermostats to Wi-Fi-enabled units or Smart Thermostats, our expertise ensures correct, timely, and cost-effective installation. Additionally, we can create zoned HVAC for your home or place of business with multiple thermostats.

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