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6 Signs You Need Cooling System Repair Right Away

Cooling system repair is a must — you can’t survive the summer in a stifling house!

Avoid an HVAC breakdown and call our technicians now if you notice any of the six signs listed below. It could mean your cooling system is on the verge of malfunction.

1. Your Home Isn’t as Cool as Last Year

As the weather heats up, you start turning the thermostat down. But no matter how low it goes, you can’t seem to achieve the same level of “cool” as last summer. You change the system filter and hope to notice a difference, but no can do. This could mean there’s a more serious problem — leave it to us to find out.

2. Your Latest Cooling Bill Was Astronomical

Your energy bills usually give an accurate picture of the health of your HVAC system. If you’re spending hundreds to cool your home and the amount is definitely out of the ordinary, it’s possible you need cooling system repair to help the system run more efficiently.

3. The System Shuts Down Before it’s Cool

There’s nothing more frustrating than a whole-home A/C system that shuts off too early, long before it’s lowered the temperature to the desired degree. This could mean there is an issue with the system’s thermostat — definitely a repair job for an experienced technician.

4. It Makes Awfully Loud Noises

Pops, rattles and clangs are all clues the system might need a new motor or at the very least a new fan blade. Have a licensed professional take a look — sometimes the fix for this is easy!

5. Some Rooms Are Cool, Others Are Not

What if your HVAC cools your bedroom, but not your kitchen? What’s wrong?

This could mean you need vent and duct cleaning. It could mean the system’s compressor is breaking down. It could mean the system needs more refrigerant. Have a professional troubleshoot the problem to find out for sure.

6. Your System Is Leaking

You should not have leaking water anywhere near your HVAC — this definitely means you need cooling system repair. A refrigerant leak is slightly more dangerous than a water leak because it’s a health hazard, but both issues should be addressed right away.

When to Call Connectionz

If you notice any of these six signs your HVAC is failing, or if your HVAC refuses to turn on at all, call Connectionz Plumbing, Heating & Air right away. You need cooling system repair, or you may need a new unit installed. Luckily, our smart, experienced team is only a phone call away and can restore the cool to your hot home in no time.