When Should You Update Your Plumbing Fixtures?

Some of the signs that you need new plumbing fixtures are minor and some are more serious. What should you watch out for?

You Can’t Stay on Top of the Leaks

How many times have you fixed a plumbing leak recently? If the faucet keeps breaking, maybe it’s trying to tell you something. Multiple leaks on one fixture is a sign it’s better to replace the entire item. Save time and frustration and put repair costs toward the price of a new faucet — that’s your best bet.

Minor Cracks Can Lead to Major Problems

Check your toilets. Do you see cracks in the porcelain? Even minor cracks are cause for concern. Many parts of a toilet can be fixed, from the stopper inside the tank to the wax ring seal at the bottom. One part that can’t be repaired is the bowl. You must install a new one before those minor cracks lead to major water damage.

You Spend Too Much on Your Water Bill

If your plumbing fixtures are older, consider how much your water bill is. What if you could instantly lower how much you spend on water every quarter? You can. All it takes is a fixture upgrade.

Modern low-flow faucets, shower heads and toilets help you save water right away. You don’t have to sacrifice performance either — you still get the high-pressure flow, but you use less water. The savings add up quickly.

You Have Lower Water Pressure

Low water pressure is less than desirable. No one wants to shower in a trickle of water! Low water pressure could be a sign sediment is building up in your pipes and fixtures, especially if you have hard water.

Changing out your plumbing fixtures could rectify this issue and restore the blast you’re looking for when you need a hot shower.

You’re Ready for a Style Upgrade

Decades-old plumbing fixtures don’t function well, but they also probably look their age! Modern fixtures fit with modern style, and that’s what you’re going for: an enhanced, updated look.

You need new plumbing fixtures if you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen, but also if you spot any problematic signs. And when you do, Connectionz Plumbing, Heating & Air can help. Give us a call for fast, affordable fixture installation when you don’t have time to handle it yourself!