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Can You Prevent Tree Roots from Causing Sewer Line Damage?

Is sewer line damage one of your worst nightmares? Homeowners cringe at the thought of spending thousands to repair a sewer line that one of their beloved trees ruined, but it happens more often than you’d think.

The good news is you can stay proactive and prevent this problem. It may take the help of a professional plumber, but with the right team backing you up, you can keep your money in the bank and not worry about major sewer line damage.

Tree Roots Love Plumbing Lines

Tree roots are attracted to moisture, nutrients and oxygen, so naturally they’re drawn to your sewer pipes. They grow toward the sewer line and when they find a crack in the pipe, they slowly creep inside, blocking the flow of waste, causing expensive backups into your home and sometimes cracking the pipe. You will need cleanup and a pipe replacement — two extensive jobs with high bills.

Map Out Your Sewer System

To prevent this issue, you first must know where your sewer line is. If you can’t find the clean-out caps, call your local water and sewer department and ask them to point out the location for you.

Then, check to see if any trees are in close proximity. If not, you’re in luck. If any trees are within a 10-foot radius, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Call your local plumber and schedule an inspection. This is the fastest and most effective way to tell if your tree roots are already causing damage. Using a camera, your plumber will check the sewer line from the inside, looking for blockages and ingrown roots.

Remove Roots and Repair the Pipe if Needed

Depending on their findings, your plumber may suggest cutting intruding roots using a hydro-cutting technique or a mechanical auger. You can also use chemical solutions to kill the root system and prevent regrowth.

Once roots are removed, repairing the pipe is easily handled by expert plumbers who can give you pricing estimates on your options.

Avoid Planting Fast-Growing Trees

Going forward, consult with a landscaper to determine the best trees to plant in your yard. Try to avoid planting trees with fast-growing roots anywhere near your sewer system. Some trees to avoid include the aspen, sycamore and cottonwood. Slow-growing trees that are safer include the paperbark maple, flowering dogwood and cypress.

Trust Our Team

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