Reducing Energy Usage To Save Money

Using a ton of energy at home isn’t favorable for a number of reasons — it can cost a ton of money, and it’s rather wasteful. With the advancements in technology, there have been great ways to reduce the amount of energy used in homes, whether it’s with simple electrical upgrades, or appliances. With emphasis on things that really decrease energy use, there are a ton of appliances and applications that can cut your costs by a large number.


There are a ton of things that can be added to your bathroom in order to reduce your overall costs. The two main things in the room include toilets and shower heads. Dual flush toilets provide you with the ability to save up to 3x the water it would typically take a traditional toilet to flush. Additionally, shower heads are great ways to reduce water usage as well. By investing in a water saving head, you can be saving gallons per wash. Did we mention that every minute in the shower saves you up to five gallons?

HVAC. To cool your home, you have two popular options that are typically the chosen ways to lower the temperature. Ductless AC units provide cooling in many rooms around your home, while far less energy usage. This is typically because it doesn’t take much to effectively cool one room, whereas turning the entire central unit on can cost much more. No matter what system you have, making sure that it’s running properly is important to keeping the cost of running it down. Our team can help with any repair or replacement needs you may have.


If there’s a need for a new laundry system in your home, consider units that use less water. In addition to performing the same job as an older unit, this type of unit effectively cleans clothing without the need for a pool of water. As an added bonus, true DIY enthusiasts can look to use collected rainwater to water plants, wash laundry, and much more.

Before investing in the latest and greatest, think about the things that might save you some green around the house. For inquiries, Connectionz is available at any point during the day to speak with you regarding your options!