family staying cool using fans

Staying Cool And Keeping Your Pockets Full

This summer, think about the amount of energy you’re using when cooling your home. We’re all for staying comfortable, but it doesn’t necessarily mean digging into your wallet and forking over a ton of money to do so. With respect to your bills, you can do a ton of different things to bring down the cost while still staying cool. Although it may seem minimal, the overall savings throughout the season can be great!

Ever hear of the damp sheet trick? Dampen a sheet and drape it over an open window. As the wind blows through the sheet, the moisture in the air will naturally cool the room! This is great for days where humidity isn’t a problem, and you don’t feel like using the A/C for the entire home.

Become your own MacGyver. Begin with a bucket of ice water and a fan. By placing the ice in front, you’ll create cool air to cool down any room you’d like to once the fan is on

Keep the lights off, and drapes closed! Almost every light bulb gives off some type of heat. In addition to saving money on electricity costs, it’ll keep you cooler! Likewise with drapes, the sun won’t beam in, warming everything around it. This can actually cause your thermostat to incorrectly read temperatures, causing it to work harder than it has to.

Invest in ductless! Running more efficiently than a traditional unit, ductless A/C effectively cools one room at a time, instead of the entire house. This results in lower costs to stay cool, especially because you don’t have to use energy on empty rooms.

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