unclogging kitchen sink

Drain Cleaning Helps Prevent Water Damage

Drain cleaning rids your plumbing of all the built-up grease, minerals, food and any other substances inhibiting the flow of water out of your home.

You could try to clear clogs on your own, or you could trust a professional — someone who has the training and experience to address plumbing issues correctly and safely.

Signs of a Drain Clog

Do you hear gurgling in your pipes? Are your drains sluggish? Do your drains give off a bad odor?

These are all signs you could have a drain clog. They show your drains aren’t operating normally, and unless you do something to remedy the problem, it’s only going to get worse.

How Do You Normally Deal with Clogged Drains?

What is your usual approach to handling a clogged drain?

For many homeowners, the first step is to visit the hardware store. You may buy a drain cleaning product made of strong chemicals. Even though it’s marketed to make you think it’s a cure-all for clogged drains, beware: Many of these products do more harm than good.

Unexpected Consequences

The chemicals in the cleaning solution may generate heat as their main method of cleaning the pipe. This chemical reaction could help dislodge a clog, but it also can ruin a PVC pipe. It softens the inside of the pipe as well as the connecting seal, increasing the likelihood of a leak.

Instead of preventing a drain backup and overflow, chemical cleaners can drastically raise the risk of water damage!

In addition, chemical drain cleaners are toxic and can be dangerous to inhale. And they rarely work! Dumping chemicals down your drain isn’t the answer for a plumbing issue. In most cases, a plumber’s skill can easily dislodge clogs — with no damage to your pipes and no harmful fumes released into your home.

Professional Drain Cleaning Is Your Best Option

Do you want fast-moving, highly efficient drains? Do you want to eliminate foul odors from your drains? Do you want to increase your plumbing’s life span? Professional drain cleaning helps.

Water damage isn’t just unsanitary and inconvenient. It’s also expensive to fix. From flooring replacement to mold remediation, the cost of water damage rises quickly, just like the backup from your drain. Instead of putting your home at risk by ignoring these problems, why not invest in an effective repair?

Professional drain cleaning is affordable and one of the best preventive services you can schedule for your home’s plumbing — call Connectionz Plumbing, Heating & Air to make your appointment today.